Fireworks and Stars over Cannon Mountain

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Tonight, I redeemed myself for a failure that has been bugging me for two years. In February of 2020 I hung out in the wind on top of Bald Mountain and watched the torchlight parade and fireworks at Cannon Mountain. This was my first winter night hike and, at the time, I was very happy to have made the hike and taken the photos. And then I got home and found out that all off my photos of the fireworks and parade were out of focus.

In 2021, the parade and fireworks were cancelled because of COVID. The first torchlight parade and fireworks of 2022 had temperatures below zero and windchill values of -40. So, two years later, I again hiked up to Artists Bluff and Bald Mountain for sunset and was successful at taking a series of in-focus photos of the parade and fireworks. The clear skies and lack of moonlight that brought out the stars over the mountains were a huge bonus on top.

Here's a photo of my setup on top of Bald Mountain. It was a beautiful place to watch the fireworks and my thermos of hot chocolate kept me warm enough to watch the sunset and the stars coming out afterwards.
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