A photo of the Yellowstone River curving through a field of shrubs covered in ice illuminated yellow by the rising sun.

Frozen Yellowstone River Morning

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This image has always been a favorite of mine. I woke up in the middle of the night to drive down to Yellowstone for sunrise. Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a wicked slow farm truck while driving through the Paradise Valley. I knew I would miss sunrise if I kept driving. I pulled off the road at a sign for “Mallards Rest Campground” and walked down to the river bank to check out the large ice floes. It ended up being a fantastic morning - bitterly cold and clear with a brilliant yellow sunrise lighting up the ice clinging to every tree and shrub along the riverbank. The riverbanks were totally silent except for the whispering of the ice hitting the stones on the side of the river. Except for the farm truck, I never would have watched the sunrise from this location.

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